Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Martha Stewart and Molly Shannon Crafting

The NYC transit system is down, and I had to stay home from work. Sooooo sad. No one is even on email yet.

I've spent all morning watching the weather reports, tornados in Bay Ridge. Unbelievable. The weather guys are saying it's the worse mass transit morning they've seen in their entire careers. I like how situations like this bring the realness out in people sometime; I've noticed during the course of the morning, all of the anchors' and man-on-the-street interviewers' New York accents got more pronounced.

The weather abruptly switched to a repeat of the Martha show, where I caught the tail end of her making crafts with the adorable Molly Shannon.

This is my memory of it:

Martha complements Molly. She says her characters were the main reason she watched Saturday Night Live. The makes me a little verklempt. She says it brusquely and while applying an industrial strength glue to a ribbon. but really seems to mean it.

Molly is clearly uncomfortable holding the electric jigsaw Martha has given her. "You don't have one of these?" Martha says. Molly says her husband said moving in with her was like "taming a wild bear." It is clear she is not domestic.

Martha scolds, "come on, you have kids now, they are going to want to make crafts." They don their plastic protective eyewear. The saws start. Molly messes up immediately. Martha struggles to contain herself.

They move onto a cutting sequence, applying "beautiful" corkboard onto the letters they have now managed to saw out of the plywood (I guess Martha knocked off both of them herself during the commercial break). Martha asks if Molly has a self-healing board. "No?" Martha is incredulous. "You really must a self-healing cutting board in the house."

They make it through alive. I do love both of them! It was awkward as hell but that's what made it so great. I can now imagine Molly hanging the corkboard letters in her children's room, and then telling her friends the whole story over a dinner party and everyone laughing and having fun. I wish I could be there.

But it's true, Molly. You really MUST have a self-healing cutting board.

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