Friday, August 10, 2007

Male Plumage

I drew this portrait based on a photo based on a 1960s Life magazine article about "Male Plumage." They were quite amazed at how the crazy kids were dressing, and particularly that the men were expressing themselves in such vibrant, flamboyant ways, especially coming out of the gray flannel suit era. I'll post some info about this article when I relocate it.

It's interesting how projects evolve. I completed that drawing more than 8 years ago. A copy has been happily living on my friend Michele's wall for at least 5 years. Two months ago, I decided to try it out as an embroidered portrait. I finished the whole body and clothing in June, but not the hair. I just couldn't figure out what to do with the hair. Then I learned how to do French knots, et Voila! The solution.

I am particularly excited about the colors; prior to this, my portraits were of a more restrained palette.

I spent a LOT Of time on these two details. I did them freehand, and was just obsessed with getting them to reflect with what I had in my head.

Here he is in all his glory!

Now, what to name him...?


Amy said...

fantastic work!

Badecca said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm so glad you like him.

floresita said...

I absolutely love this guy!!! Isn't it cool how embroidery kind of "frees" you to use totally different colors than you might use for drawing? I think I've learned so much from embroidering, and it's put me back in touch with loving portraits... :)

Badecca said...

Thanks, Floresita! :) I'm glad you're getting back into portraits.

It is amazing how much more in tune to color I've become since doing work in embroidery and patchwork - I think it's even affected the way I dress! I find myself finally straying away from my former black/brown/grey palette.

madhatter said...

how cool is that?!
love this work, and i also like the embroidery of your profile picture - very cute!