Sunday, August 19, 2007

CPR Embroidery

Here is the embroidery I did of the life-saving embrace of CPR.

It's based on an educational illustration from this Lifesaving book. It's my very own Lifesaving book from when I was 14 and a counselor in training at a YMCA camp. It was a very hard program, and while I passed the written test with flying colors, I had to take the practical test twice.

I'm sure that would have been very comforting to the parents of the kids whose lives were in my hands.

I made this embroidered piece into a pillow; I love the fabric I used on the back - it reminds me of a vintage tie pattern.

And here is the completed project:


Anna Betts said...

This is AMAZING!!!
Oh, I'm such a fan of safety diagrams in general, but how to give cpr in embroidery form?!? Girl, you are onto something!!
ps - I'm going to tag you in an "8 things you don't know about me" thing on my blog..feel free to carry it on, or not :)

Badecca said...

Ooh, thanks for the good words! Maybe I'll do some more from this book. I was looking at it again and there are some other good ones.