Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The quilting blogs often talk about UFOs - UnFinished Objects. I've had a lot of UFOs lying around the house. On President's Day I had hoped to complete a bunch of them but it wasn't destined to be.

My plan was to use the ocher colored embroidered piece above and create a variation of my previous pillow using some precious fabrics I've been dying to use. I was excited about the somewhat unusual color combination of ocher, teal, milk chocolate and khaki, and was ready to create another 12x16" pillowcase.

Sadly, the width was only 11" so I dug out my other pillow forms to consider my other options. I decided to do something with a log cabin pattern for a 16x16" pillow form. In my haste and lack of recent practice, I cut the embroidered square out without allowing for the seam allowance, making me a wee stressed about fucking it up.

I decided to use my stash of scraps, which is what I prefer to do for log cabins. It feels so thrifty!

I started the project, but it just didn't feel right.

Here's the final(ish) product - or as far as I got. Looks pretty good here but I really originally envisioned it complementing teal - not navy - and I just couldn't go through with it. I actually out the patchwork so I could start afresh with a combination closer to my original vision.

As I look at this pic, I think - that really looks pretty good! Why did I have to maul it and start over?