Thursday, December 11, 2008

More fun with doodles

Finally, a new pillow! It's been a while since I put one of these together and I really enjoyed the zen of the whole process - getting out the ironing board, dusting off the sewing machine, fearing I wouldn't remember what I was doing but finding it was like riding the proverbial bicycle. Rotary cutting from muscle memory - something I always thought was hearsay but apparently a real phenomenon.

I did another version of the same pattern, this time in chocolate with avocado and pumpkin highlights.

Wanting to tackle something larger, I sketched out the next project quickly, while watching Friday Night Lights (the show, not the movie) on Netflix. Fantastic series, by the way. This is my lifelong preferred mode of creating - watching TV or on the subway (or BART in my SF days). My ideal mode isn't multitasking - it's dedicated dual-tasking.

This one looks prettier in person - kind of a peanut butter background. I took multiple pictures but really couldn't do better - I really could use a different camera/camera tips!

I then sketched out a more horizontal version - sort of a city scape, most likely for wall art rather than a pillow. I'm enjoying this series - quick to sketch out, quick to sew and produce. A nice way to get back in the game.


Nancy said...

Man, did I need to find you! I have really been struggling to find my own voice with quilting after working for fabric designer Jennifer Paganelli- who I adore- but have just been feeling stuck lately. Your blog has successfully unclogged my brains right side- that is not to say I am ready quite yet, but you are an inspiration!!!! LOVE your embroidery- nipples and all! I hope to aspire to be as free and funny as you in my future projects.

Badecca said...

Thanks for the fab comments, Nancy!! So much appreciated - and they are giving me a little kick in the ass to finish some new pieces. I've been a bit lame as a blogger these last 9 months but I AM doing projects and will post more soon.