Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coming out of my shell...

... um, what happened to this year?

Well, dear readers, this year I had a major job transition and truly threw myself into my work, which thankfully I really enjoy. This did not stop me from percolating and dreaming of projects, but it did slow even that down. Occasionally I'd venture out of my shell to purchase an irresistible piece of fabric from the City Quilter or Purl. Occasionally a little sketch would appear on my meeting notes. I'd stare at my carefully curated fabric stash and sigh, not even sure I still "had it." The materials didn't have that inspirational shimmer - was that previous year of spending hours obsessing over color combinations and staying up late creating at the sewing machine just a dream?

So, it all re-started with a doodle...

I was inspired to do something (deceptively) simple and geometric by Molly's Sampler Pillows project on the Purl Bee. I loved her use of Muji's linen pillow cases and wanted to create a design that would look good against that texture. Anyway, I doodled out a little line and squares pattern - which is basically something I am constantly drawing in the margins of my notepads anyway. 

Not having any linen on hand, I was drawn to this avocado green fabric - which reminded me of my mother's fridge (and half of my childhood bedrooom furniture) when I was growing up. I selected some earthy browns, in keeping with the original idea of doing this project in an undyed linen. 

I increased the dimensions of my original sketch by 150% (after experimenting with various other sizes), and transfered it (as I always do) using basic carbon paper and a pen.

The project went super quickly - it was such a relief to be embroidering again! Somehow some bright orange worked its way in, and cheered things up considerably. 

This was a fun, quick project, and I can definitely see myself doing more riffs on it. 

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Anna Betts said...

Lovely! I had a phase of doing these sorts of doodles on graph paper which was bizarrely addictive! Anyway, really nice to see you back, hope the job's going well xx