Wednesday, July 25, 2007

White Stripes!

Just got back from the White Stripes concert at Madison Square Garden. I just love the White Stripes. And I was fixated on a certain thing - Meg's drum. Meg's bass drum looked like a huge white 4-hole button, with red threads going through in a criss cross. You could see a little black behind the threads where the holes were.

Now, I generally don't do pillows in white, black or red in combination, but staring at the button drum made me want to try. I started mentally going over how all the black, white, and read fabric I've seen over the last year. And where to get those very mod, over sized white buttons. Mmmmm...

The closest I've come to this color combination is probably in this pillow:

Here's the back - this is very White Stripes:

I am particularly fond of the red constrasting zig-zag stitch. This is Michael Miller's Water Swirl - it isn't easy to find these particular colors anymore.

Anyway, I really wanted to find a picture of that button drum, but all I could find was pictures of her drums that look like peppermint candies.

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