Monday, November 26, 2007

Purple Pillow for Michele

I made this purple pillow for one of my best friend's new apartment - actually I made two identical ones for her. I used the same pattern as I did for the bunny pillow and the Joel Dewberry faux bois/birds pillow.

The flowered fabric is a Japanese imported fabric I bought from purl soho, and the striped fabric is from the American Jane series from Moda. I think it's an ideal stripy fabric, and it comes in lots of nice colors that have the feeling of being just slightly faded.

You may notice that I'm trying to make a leap forward here in terms of setting "set dressing" my photos. The chicken and I enjoyed playing with props and creating a "view in a room" feeling (like in though there's a lot more I'd like to learn about my camera in terms of light and clarity.


Rebekah said...

that pillow is so pretty! the fabric combo that you used on that is so unique and fresh!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful photo. it totally gives me a west-elmy feeling all over and gets my consumer juices flowing. i am so totally going to check out your etsy store!

Elizabeth said...

I just love this block pattern! It's so perfect for a pillow.