Friday, September 14, 2007

Heather Bailey Freshcut Pillow

I whipped up this pillow this morning before work because I was sick and tired of the strict brown and green color scheme I had established in this bedroom. I must say this pillow really helps!

As I said in my last post, I don't typically use pink in my designs, embroidery, decor - anywhere - but I do find it slowly creeping into my work. I must say it's fun to have a brand new color to my palette.

The flower pattern is from Heather Bailey's beautiful and unusual Freshcut series. It actually looks very similar to the wallpaper pattern and colors I had on my bedroom walls growing up in the 70s.

This is the back - but it could certainly be used as the front as well!

More fabric credits: the left is also from the Heather Bailey Freshcut series, the fabric on the right is from Amy Butler's Belle series (Okra Seeds), and the blue stripe is from Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy series - and it's one of my favorite accent fabrics.


amandajean said...

that pillow is beautiful!

and hurray for pink creeping in to your decor. I love pink.

Anonymous said...

this is a delicious pillow and you should make more like these. do you sell them?

Christine said...

thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. You asked about the whale. I was inspired by a photograph in a book but made it a little differently, so only part of it is my design.
I like the pillows, the fabric is really yummy!

Kate said...

Great pillow, love the colours!